Inspired To Be Great

Inspiring You To Be Great. The Greatest Version of You!



My name is Tasha. I am a fierce 30 something woman who has an undeniable love for Christ!  I am from and still live in Ohio (O-H…! :D) I am studying to complete my PhD in psychology (insert “professional student” comment here lol) and even working on writing my first book (we can talk about that later)…I love my family, my friends, my church and my job (yea, I love my life)!  I love to laugh, cook (bake mostly), read, write, be an unpaid movie critic, terrible food critic, who am I kidding, I just like giving my opinion (hahaha), workout, travel, try new restaurants (notice I didn’t say food lol) and do things that are NOT normal (it is the spice of life)!  I love technology and reaching out to the masses of people I have never met.  So I hope you find my thoughts challenging and my life inspiring with all that I have to share.  I realize that the strict commitment that I have to the Word of God is very much against the “status quo” so some things you read here you may not understand, agree with or even like but I pray that it all challenges you to draw closer to God and seek Him for a deeper understanding in your own personal life.


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